1.INTERVIEWING OFFICER: Why do you want to join Indian Armed Forces?
The Interviewing Officer is taking an interest in You and wants to recommend you for joining Military Services. Your recommendation now depends on the answer you give. Now if you can answer it Properly, you are a GREEN LIGHT


2. INTERVIEWING OFFICER : Tell me the three uses of a Glass (It can be anything Btw) ?
“The Interviewing Officer want to assure the effective intelligence and ability of the candidates”


3. INTERVIEWING OFFICER: What if you do not get recommended this time?
“The Candidates who show their extreme inclination toward Indian Armed Forces and replies to attempt SSB again and again until they get recommended to join Military Services get the tag of conference out. It shows the wastage of time and passive aim”
They Just want to Know How much are you sorted with your future i.e Carrier

You just have to convince them that You’ll work Hard and make it, but don’t show soo much of inclination.

4. INTERVIEWING OFFICER : Do you have any Girlfriend/ Boyfriend?
Well this is your call guys & girls, whatever you are gonna say, be ready to encounter Questions Related to your personal Life..

5. INTERVIEWING OFFICER : Do you watch Porn, are you addicted to it & what do you do after watching porn?
The Interviewing Officers want to analyze the degree of concentration and dedication towards your aim or goal, He wants to Know the capacity of the candidate to keep oneself cool and compose in adverse and awkward situations.

Well everyone in their Life would have done at least once. So say the truth and be ready to encounter more questions about it.

7. INTERVIEWING OFFICER: Why did you fail in previous SSB attempt (for repeaters)?
Tell the truth what you feel, don’t say I don’t know, this gives a negative impression about you. You can say that I was not prepared well. You can add up by saying Sir I have prepared well this time.

8. INTERVIEWING OFFICER : Did you do any special preparation for SSB?
Of course you did! So tell him that yes sir I prepared for SSB from different Books, Websites like “ARMYCADETCOLLEGE” 😉..

9.INTERVIEWING OFFICER: What if one morning you woke up & found that you were pregnant?
This Question is asked to the Female Candidates also.
So You can answer them calmly in a Positive way like – I will be very excited and take an off to celebrate with my husband and my parents.

10. INTERVIEWING OFFICER : Why should I recommend you?
The Interviewing Officer want to assure the level of your dedication towards joining Indian Armed Forces.
He wants to Know you weeknesses and strengths by Asking this Question.

The INTERVIEWING OFFICER has so much experience about all the things, at the end of the day he is responsible whether you make it or not, hence you have to very formal, polite and control your tongue.

I hope the article was helpful for all the defence aspirants, if you have any doubt at all.

Please leave a comment to help you in least possible time!!

⚔ Jai Hind ⚔

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