OLQ (Officer Like Quality) For SSB .

Communication Skills
Communication skill means the ability to understand your words properly.

The test is that from a 6-year-old child to a 98-year-old person, you can explain your point.

Whether it is English or Hindi, you can confidently speak your words.

Ability to influence
Your voice and your words should be such that the heart of the person in front reaches the ripping heart.

Ability to analyse the situation.
Whatever you are doing, you know what are its advantages and disadvantages, what can be the benefit and disadvantage of you and other people.

You should know what you will do that will increase your profit and decrease your loss.

Problem solving attitude.
There are some people who are unable to overcome the problem and instead find the problem in everything.

But you should know how to solve the problem and you should have positive thinking towards the problem that how can be solve.

Team work Attitude.
Team work quality should be the highest in an ek officer, why a serial officer is the one who keeps everyone together,
Because when a teamwork happens, the greatest difficulty is solved.

Good Learning Ability.
You should always have people to learn something, you should always be ready to learn anything and if someone needs to learn something, you should always be ready.

Flexibility means to do your best to do any work.

Mold yourself in situations in every way, be it like situations and be ready to face it with confidence.

Organizing capability.
Organization you should come to spend things properly, you should know what does not harm you and others, you should always come to do your best for yourself and others.
You should take care of everything in life so that your studies do not cause any problem on your Aim. And you can reach your Aim. Do social media at least, make your studies the highest priority.

Who should be the most confident inside, only then you will be able to go ahead and say your word and the best quality of the officer is his confidence.

You should be very devoted towards each of your work, it should be your resolve that whatever work you are doing with all your heart, do it with all your determination.

There should be courage in you, when you are put in any situation to do anything, then you should have courage that you can do it with all your heart and life, if you have the courage to do something, then you will become a good officer and It is the best quality in a good officer.

You should always be punctual, you should be repetitive for everything, you should come to do your work responsibly and with punctuality.

You should come to help others in every task. An officer runs corporate by supporting his entire team.

EFfective intelligence
You must have effective intelligence so that you do everything with intelligence.

Power of Expression.
Power of expression is a Term in which you can show your feelings, your happiness, your grief to all the people in front and keep your feelings in front of others, it is the way to convey your Thoughts.

Organising Ability.
You get upset due to being busy in your work in your life, but you should come to do your time management.

It is the ability to manage your time , Workload and other tensions.

Your body should also be fit when you are fit only then you can do something for the country,
You have to keep your body fit along with studies, keep your stamina good

Reasoning Ability

There should be reasoning ability in you, so that you will have to think everywhere about what is the reason behind everything.

Decision Taking Speed
You should have the ability to take your right decision on the basis of right and wrong.
In any situation, you need the ability to take a good decision as soon as possible.

It is the ability To make useful Desicions Faster.

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