Document verification takes place on the reporting Day,In SSB board.

You have to report the call letter that has been highlighted.

Mostly ask you to report to the MCO (Movement control office)

You do not need to panic because o ofn that day a lot of candidates come for reporting, then you will have to find some company, which will work for you a little bit.

The reporting day and screening day of that center are Occur on the same day.

If your reporting time is 6 am then your screening is also on the same day,If your reporting takes place at 2PM in the afternoon, it means that your screening will take place the next day.

You can’t bring anyone to the center with you,You will be taken to the center by the center bus, When you report, you will be taken to a separate center for interview with the center bus.

Your documents will be checked one by one. Once your documents are checked, you will be seated in the hall.


Stage -1. where you are screened.
This is because there are candidates from which the candidate is selected in 5 days,The screening consists of 100 candidates out of which officers 30-40 candidatesForward to the interview for 5 days.

You have to submit your phone outside and you will not be allowed to carry any electronic gadget inside.

Screening consists of some tests like OIR It’s Verbal and Non Verbal, It is also sometimes tricky and lengthy.,That needs to be prepared long before you

OIR Also plays a very important role in Screening.

After that you proceed to PP And DT In this, you are shown a picture, after seeing it, you have to write a story about picture for it in 4 and half minutes.

After which you will be converted into a group of 14-15 candidates.

While sitting on the left side, the candidate will narrate his story, after which everyone will have to narrate their story .

This is followed by group discussion You will get 2 -3 hours rest after completing the PP and DT.
After this, the result of the screening will be declare.
Selected candidates will be given a new chest number,The rest of the candidates will be sent back by giving a Traveling Allowance, who will be out in the screening.

Candidates who clear Stage 1 will be given an PIQ form.
PIQ main questions hote hain educational family background,modes of your achievement,And there is other basic information…


After this there will be stage 2 testing in which you will have your first Psychology test.
All tests are for the candidate’s psychology test.
Whether or not he is eligible for a candidate officer, Candidates have to write their response on the pertussis test,In This Time limit is very low,So you have to write it as soon as possible.


Thematic Apperception Test (TAT).
Word Association Test (WAT).
Situation Reaction Test (SRT).
Self Description Test (SD)
In Thematic Apperception Test: In this, you will be shown 11 pictures, in which the last picture , all Picture will come for 30 seconds ,After this picture will disappear and after this you will have 4 minutes To write a story based on that picture , Again After this, the picture will come for 30 seconds and you will be given 4 minutes, This process will continue till the last picture.
Word Association Test : In This Test, Some words will be shown on the screen one by one for 15 seconds,As soon as you see the word, after seeing that word, the sentence will come in your mind,You have to write 1 sentence over it, you will be given total 60 words You will be shown one by one and you will have to write the sentence.
Situation Reaction Test (SRT) :In This Test, You will be given a booklet containing 60 situations,You have to write your response on the basis of 60 situations whose time limit will be 30 seconds.
Self Description Test (SD) : In This Test, Write an opinion about yourself and your parents What is your opinion for your parents teacher and friends and You also have to tell what things you want to develop inside yourselfFor that you will be allotted 15 minutes time.


After that you reach GTO( Group Testing Officer)
GTO’s motive is to check the quality inside you, see your capabilities and officer qualities.
After this you reach GD i.e Group Discussion,There will be Two group discussion Back To Back In Current Affairs.

After that you arrive in GPE
GROUP PLANNING EXCERCISE (GPE) Every candidate will have to write a plan on whatever problem is given to you, And on the map given ,Then all of you prepare your plan in the last by keeping your points in the group discussion,Later a member of the group will have to listen to the complete planning with a map and pointer.

PGT comes after this
PGT(Progressive Group Test) In this, you have to cross some obstacals with the help of supporting material.

HGT Comes After This
HGT(Half Group Task)In this only half of the group members takes participate,in this You are given more chances to show your potential.

IOT comes After This
IOT(Individual Obstacles Test)In this, you have to attend some obstacles individuals till 10 points.

Command Task
In the command task you are a command and you can take 2 people in your group and ,you Will be the commander and you will get some obstacles, which you have to cross with your Group mates.

Snake/Group Obstacles Race.
In the race, you have to hold a rope like a snake and clear some obstacles with your group,You have competition from another team it’s very interesting.

Individual Lecturate
In this, the candidate will select a topic and will speak it for 3 minutes.

FGT(Final Group Task)It is like PGT, in this you get another chance to show your potential.


In the personal interview, you will be asked many types of questions, general knowledge, your life technology etc,
This interview takes the deputy president or head of board,‌ This interview can be of at least 15 to 20 minutes and maximum of one to one and a half hours.Any question will be asked in the interview.


KNow we talk about the last day of the Interview i.e Confrence ,Every candidate will face the SSB members and interact with them,
All SSB members will ask questions together. What is your Aim? What do you want to do? Why do you want to become an officer?
By mutual agreement, they select the candidate By The Signature.

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