When Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) soldiers attacked Indian Army personnel at the Patrolling Point Number-14 in the Galvan Valley on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh, their number was just 1: 5 compared to the PLA. Talking about the skirmish near the Galvan river for six to seven hours, an Indian Army officer said, "Our numbers were small."

 Regarding the clashes between the two sides on Monday night, the government sources say that the Chinese soldiers attacked the Indian soldiers badly. Sources said on Wednesday, "The number was increased against the Indian soldiers. Nevertheless, the Indian side decided to fight the PLA. The number of Indian soldiers was 1: 5 compared to the Chinese soldiers."

1: 5 ratio
 It is also being told that China also used thermal imaging drones to locate Indian soldiers. Government sources said, "In our memory this was the deadliest attack on Indian Army personnel by the Chinese Army." Sources said that Colonel Santosh Babu, who was martyred in the attack, went to see if the Chinese soldiers had withdrawn from the stand-off position. Because they were promised to do so. But when Santosh Babu reached the said place, he was surprised to see the camp there. While the PLA soldiers became furious.

 Chinese soldiers brutally attacked Indian soldiers. The Indian Army said that Indian soldiers had gone to the place where there was tension. The Indian jawans went there with friendly treatment to the Chinese side without any enmity only to check whether they were following the de-escalation agreement as promised.

"But they got trapped and were attacked by a purely barbarian. They used all kinds of barbed wire and stones to attack the Indian soldiers," said an Indian Army officer. Government sources said that many soldiers of the Indian Army are seriously injured and are undergoing treatment.

 Sources said that the number of Indian soldiers to be martyred may increase further as the number of seriously injured soldiers is more than 10. The Indian Army officer, however, refused to give the number and simply said that many soldiers were injured.

Government sources said that on Tuesday, Indian helicopters flew about 16 times to bring the bodies of the jawans and injured Indian soldiers from the site of the attack in Galvan Valley.

 Four bodies of Indian Army personnel were brought to Leh from Galvan Valley on Wednesday morning. The Indian Army said on Tuesday that 20 Indian Army personnel (including officers) were killed in an unprecedented violent clash with PLA soldiers in the Galvan Valley on Monday night.

 The army also said that the number of martyrs may increase, as many soldiers have been seriously injured.

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