There is a lot of fear inside the freshers and, They do not know the procedure of the interview properly, due to which they are very nervous.
Frshers collect more and more information in the beginning.

Fresher Collects as many sources as possible in the beginning whether it is reliable or unrealible.

There are many Doubts inside the freshers,He tries to remove all his doubts before going to the interview by all means.


If you reached stage 2nd in your interview and you were screened out but you didn’t reach the SSB interview last,Such a candidate is called a repeater.

The repeater knows the interview procedure. He is alert beforehand for certain things.

The repeater throws himself up from earlier mistakes and proves himself well.

Screend Out Candidates

It is very bad i.e. they get out of interview stage-1.

Board select the candidate by his ability ,knowledge and fitness,To be a good officer, all three things should be in the candidate,When the board lacks any of these things in candidates they screened out the candidate.

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