When a candidate clears the SSB interview and makes it into the merit list, They join through the entry by which they were selected.

1.Indian Military academy or IMA is located in the DEHRADUN( Northern Indian state of Uttarakhand).It is one of the prestigious training academies of Indian army and was established in 1932.

A trainee on admission to the IMA is referred as a Gentleman cadet or GC.
Next, the cadets go through a Hard training of approximately one year and after successfully completing the training a GC gets into the army as a permanent commissioned officer.

The motto of Indian Military Academy is “ Valour and Wisdom”

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2.Officers Training Academy or OTA is located in Chennai. It is one of the prestigious institute of Indian Army for training men and women into officers for the short service commission(SSC). It was established in 1963.
OTA is well equipped to train officers for Counter Insurgency operations giving a real jungle lane shooting range and grenade lobbing area.

The motto of Officers Training Academy is “Serve with Honour”

While the training, and benefits remain same, the only difference is that IMA trains only men candidates for permanent commission whereas OTA trains both men and women candidates for short service commission into the Indian Army. Go Get Your Dreams.

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