In Indian Army, All Para SF soldiers are paratroopers but all paratroopers are not Para SF.

Para (Special Forces), commonly known as Para SF, is the special force unit of the Indian Army. It is attached to the Parachute Regiment.

The Paratroopers (Airborne) are elite troops, not Special Forces. 
Only these Paratroopers can aspire to be a Para Commando (Also called Para SF) and have to take part in one of the toughest selection process in the world.

The Paratroopers have the ability to hold ground for brief periods, while the Para SF are mobile forces that have to strike multiple targets hard and move on — the “tip of the spear”. Para (SF) are Special Forces, especially trained in unconventional warfare.

Every paratrooper is a volunteer and has to go through a rigorous probation period before earning the maroon beret and the wings .

Then these paratroopers are further required to go through the SF probation period to earn the Balidaan badge and the title of a SF operative.

Both probation periods is one of the toughest and the longest training and selection courses with a very low passing percentage. Only 10 percent volunteer got selected.

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