Becoming Marcos Commando is a very difficult task.

It is one of the world's largest and most dangerous forces.

To become a Marcos Commando, it is mandatory for the candidate to be in any Indian Army beforehand.

Its selection is very difficult, out of 10,000 candidates, only one is selected for Marcos commandos.

The work of Marcos commandos is very difficult and it cannot be done by older people, so they take a young man of 20 years.

After selecting Marcos commandos, first they train in India.

And Then,

They are then sent to the "NAVY SEALS OF US ARMY" and the" BRITISH ARMY SPECIAL SERVICE" for two and a half(2.5 )years of training.

The one who refines this training becomes Marcos Commando and the one who cannot complete this training goes back to the army and serves the country.

Along with Marco being the Special Forces of India, he along with the Air Force Navy Indian Army achieved a lot of Operation Score success.

And in 1999, Marcos commandos also showed their strength in Kargil War and won it by joining with Indian Army.


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