To join Para Sf you have to join the Indian Army first.

For para SF, there is no written exam, for this you have to join the army first, only then you are eligible for Para SF.

Para special force is an Elite force of the Indian Army.

 there is no special entry to become a PARA Special Forces commando directly.

 But, those who attain 100% marks in Physical Fitness tests and 50% marks in Written Test in regular Indian army have opturnity To join the Elite PARA regiment, but they have to go through a different test process and again to clear the PARA SF.


First Aid & Trauma Management

Unarmed Combat & PTKE (A Philippians Martial Art).

Language Skills & Cultural Skills.


Weapon including Sniping.

Combat Survival.


Will power.

Physically And Mentally Strong.

You must be 20-25 Age ahead to join Para SF, although there is no further Age limit in Para Sf ,but they give more preference to young age cadets, . Because para SF training require tuff tasks that can Only young age candidates. 

If your Dream is that you have to go to Para SF, then you Have to Join indian army First.

If you are in school and you want to become a Para Sf officer, then you should focus on your studies and stay healthy and become the best.

Your Knowledge, WILL Power ,Your Strength Everything Should Fit, Then You are Ready For PARA SF.

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