1. To clear NDA, your mathematics should be very good.

2. You should have a lot of accuracy in solving questions

3. You should have done the maths of 11 th 12 very well

4. All your concepts should be clear in your studies.

5. Physics ,Chemistry ,Mathematics, General Knowledge and English You have to give good time to all the subjects.

6. You must also read current affairs daily

7. You have to set a time table for your studies and follow it daily.

8. You have to pay attention to your fitness and health as well as your studies.

9. You have to solve question paper of previous 5 years of NDA.

10. You also have to improve your personality and your confidence.

11. You always have to focus on your AIM.

12. You must study at least 6 to 8 hours daily.

13. Along with your studies, you also have to bring officer like quality in you.

14. You have to be positive both in life and studies.

15. You have to practice and learn more and more in studies.

Our best wishes are with you, we hope you follow these tips and pass the NDA exam.



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