SSB is the most difficult interview among all government job interviews.
To become an officer in the Indian Army it is necessary to clear all.
Many candidates are not able to clear the NDA and CDS exams very often and if they pass the exam then they are left in the interview.

We will tell you how to prepare for the interview.

1. It requires 80% mental and 20% physical examination to take an interview.
Along with studies, you also have to pay attention to your physical strength and keep yourself fit.

2. You have to be very serious about your studies, you have to study more and more.
Study 12 to 13 hours per day.

3. Read more and more current affairs current affairs and what is going on in the worldKeep an eye on this, be alert for every current affair.

4. Always be positive, think well towards your dream in any way, do not let any obstruction between your Aim. Do not give any other thing more important than your studies.

5. Gain maximum general knowledge History Geography English Mathematics Study all subjects well.

6. Keep Your Mind Healthy, Healthy, Eat, Walk, Exercise, Exercise, Stay.

7. Always be confident, work on your personality, your personality is like this when you talk to someone they See an officer quality in you.

8. From your hairstyle to your shoes,
Show your perfect Decent personality,Be a Good Listener Good Reader along with Personality.

9. You should have notes on all subjects related to your studies,Solve as many question banks as possible.

10. You should do time management.

11. You should know about all the army related RANKS, you should know whatever you are preparing for the exam.

12. You should be able to give your personal introduction very well.

13. The biggest thing is you never give up,You have to make yourself capable to go to interview.

14. No matter how busy you are, you always have to take time for your studies.

15. Along with studies, you should keep doing some activities that keep your mind fresh.

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