Kangana Ranaut is an Bollywood actress who has made herself a place in the film world without the help of other actors or any Bollywood god father.

Kangana Ranaut once again talked about the nepotism that is happening in the film world,  she described how the film industry behaves with an actor from outside.

Kangana Ranaut is also very paranoid after the suicide of actor Sushant Singh Rajput, he put a video on his Insta account

She told how Outsider actor has no value in the film industry, In the film industry, the Star Kids are given priority in everything whether they are talented or not.

She expressed her anger that Sushant Singh Rajput was a very good actor, yet he has not been given any award.

Taking note of the fight with Hrithik Roshan, Kangana told that one day Javed Akhtar called her to his house and said that Roshan family is very big,And said that you apologize to the Roshan family otherwise they will spoil your career, and they will Send you to jail,And then you have to suicide.

But Kangana did not give up and kept fighting.

Since then, everyone has Ganged-up and  against Kangana and she suffered a lot, yet she did not lose courage and won.

Kangana said that she is often very lonely, everyone looks at them strangely.

She said that together they spoiled his professional and personal life.

Kangna said that in many films of Sushnat, he was removed from films and the actors of the filmy background were signed.

Kangna said that in the film world, there is a lot of Nepotism.

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