Any candidate wants to be appointed as an officer of the Indian Army,Interview to the candidate is mandatory.

All these interviews are conducted in different selection boards of India.

In the Service Selection Board, a procedure is followed by DRDO(Defence Reasearch And Organization) in which selective officers of the Indian Army find out whether the candidate has the qualification to become an officer in the Indian Army.

To become an officer in the Indian Army, you must have certain qualities, SSB interview is done to know whether you have fear or not.

SSB interview is one of the most difficult interviews in the whole world.

First of all, now we will see which SSB centers are present in India.

The three forces of India, the Indian Army, the Indian Air Force and the Indian Navy Force, all have their own selection boards.

Someone is interested in the Candidate Air Force and wants to make his career in the Air Force. The exam form time in the candidate was put on his first priority,Then he will have to go to AFSB for interview.


1.Dehradun 1 ASFB

2.Mysore 2 ASFB

3.Gandhinagar 3 ASFB

4.Varansi 4 ASFB

5.Kanchrapara (North 24 paragans,WB) 5 ASFB.

If someone wants to become an officer in the Candidate Army and has given his first interest to the Army during the written form, then he will have to go to the Army Selection Board for his interview.


1.Allahabad selection centre East(SCE) SSB BOARDS -11SSB, 14SSB, 18SSB, 19SSB, 34SSB.

2.Bhopal selection Central (SCC) 20SSB 21SSB, 22SSB.

3.Bangalore selection centre south(SCS)

4.BOARDS 17SSB and 24SSB.

5.Kapurthala selection centre North(SCN)
31SSB and 32SSB.

Functional from April 1, 2016 BOARDS

If someone wants to Become Indian Navy Officer and has given his first priority to the army during written form,Then he will go to the.


1.Bhopal 33 SSB, SCC

2.Bangalore 12 SSB, SCS

3.Coimbatore Naval selection board(NSB)

4.Visakhapatnam NSB Visakhapatnam.


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