Marcos Command, who is known everywhere by his strength, who rescues the enemy's sixes everywhere.

India's greatest marcos commandos are counted among the most dangerous 10 commando units around the world.

The biggest terrorists also tremble after hearing the name of Marcos commandos.

Marcos Commandos is placed at number one in the Special Forces.

Seeing these commandos wearing black uniforms, black cloth on the mouth and glasses on the eyes, Defense has a different feel.

This is the most dangerous for the enemy and the path for pirates is his name.

Marcos Commando Is The Special Unit Of Indian Navy.

Marcos commandos have successfully completed many operations by risking their lives.

Whether it be fighting terrorists or rescuing people from terrorists, Marcos commandos succeed in every operation.

The Indian Army felt its need when they thought that along with the sea fight, a force could face the enemies even while staying on the ground,
And in times of need, can fight any terrorist, in any case, can make any operation successful.

With this thought in 1987 INDIAN SPECIAL MARINE FORCE (IMSF) 
Was established ,This was the beginning of Marcos Commandos.

However, in 1991, the Indian Marine Special Force was changed to Marine Commando Force.

In the beginning, training was given from different-different source in india.

Marcos commando was later trained with the US Navy Cell and then with the British Air Force.

And after training with the world's most powerful 2 Special Force,Marcos commando was ready to fight in the world under any circumstances.

Marcos commandos carried out a lot of operations some of which:-

Operation Pawan
Operation Tasha
Operation cactus
Operation rakshak 
operation zabardast
Operation Swan

Marcos commandos are kept secret even their family does not even know that he is a Marcos commando. His family knows that he is in the Indian Army.

Currently their number is said to be 2000,
But security has kept them officially secret.

Slogan of Marcos commandos is

"The few the fearless"

This means that even they are low in numbers but they are fearless, they has the courage to conquer any war.


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