Marking scheme in SSB.
The process of interviewing consists of total marks, after screening it is 900.

How will the 900 mark distribution be?

See all three of your processes
1 IO
2 psychologist

This process goes on indiscriminately when the GTO and psychologists do not meet before the meeting

All three judge you individually, according to their own criterion

Now let’s see how Marx’s distribution is?

IO’s have marks ,225 GTO’s have marks 225 and psychologists have marks 225.

Total Marks 675

The remaining 225 out of 900 marks are those of the conference.

IO Psychologist and GTO have same numbers from all three, so now you do not get confused on who is more important.
All Three have same marks.

By the way, we just told you that if the Commission does not meet before GTO and Psychologist Confin, then in the final conference, according to the Individual Judgment, at the end of the conference there is a Final Signature which they do together.

This is the work of the conference.

Your recommendation depends on how many marks you have received out of the 675(six hundred seventy five).

Now we will tell you how many scores you have to score out of this 675 (six hundred seventy five) marks so that the conference will be discussed about you.

Now let’s talk about how many marks you have to bring out of 675 (six hundred seventy five )minimums, then you have to bring 240 or more than 240.

After this, you are consented to the recommendation for the confrence.

If you are scoring less than 240, then you will not be Recommended will have to bring 240 and more than 240 marks for the recommendation.

If IO ,GTO and Psychologist give you 75 plus marks out of three and your total marks is more than 240 then it means that all the three recommended you.

This case is called 3 0 case.
If there is a case of 3 0, then the discussion is not much. You must have seen that some people’s interviews are only one to two minutes. This means that the IO ,GTO and the psychologist all three recommended The Candidate.

This is when candidate Recommended has already been made before going to the conference.

There are very few candidates who get 75 plus marks out of the three.

Most candidates come in 2-1 case.

This case occurs when any two have given 75 plus marks to the candidate but One would not have given 75 plus marks.

If GTO is on you have been given 59 marks and psychologist GTO and age three together you are getting 240 marks even then you will not be Recommended.

You have to score well in all three, in case you become 67 in one of your marks and More than 67 and the other two have give you 75 plus marks, then you will be Recommended.

In the case of 3-0, it is clear that you have been recommended, but in the case of 2-1 , you have to be compensated, but if you have a score less than 59, then you will not be able to be recommended not at all.

Most candidates are unable to get GTO recommissioned GTO is a bit more difficult.

Io and psychologist is is easily recommended the candidates but GTO does not do that easily.

When GTO feels that the candidates are fit according to his eligibility criterion and ILQ, then he Recommends the candidate, the lowest percentage of recommissioning is GTO.

No one can stop you for Recommendation even if your GTO has gone average.

Confrence marks 225

IO holds conference 113 marks, with psychologist 56 marks, and GTO Holds 56 marks.

60% of the conference marks are received by everyone.

The IO’s has the highest number of marks i.e 113 and the GTO has 56 and the psychologist has also Fifty Six Marks.
These are the marks of the conference, it can bring a difference in your merit, but the recommendation depends on how you have also performed in the first 675 how many of your scores are being made. The conference is a way in which our GTO IO and psychologists interact with each other. Let’s talk and sign the official candidate.

This is the marking scheme of SSB in which marks are 900 which are given on the basis of interview and conference.

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