Colonel Vishal Dubey, 10 PARA( SPECIAL FORCES) First official of the Indian Armed force to climb Mount Everest without Counterfeit Oxygen.

 Col Dubey has driven a ton of mountain undertakings before. He was the pioneer of the Snow Lion Everest Campaign 2017. That was just because that any group had made an endeavor to climb the Everest without advantageous oxygen. "We had shaped a group of 10 individuals with the intend to scale the Everest without utilizing oxygen chamber and prevailing with regards to sending four individuals to the highest point of the world without oxygen," Col Vishal Dubey, pioneer of the Snow Lion Everest Endeavor 2017 

Decorations and identifications earned by Col Vishal Dubey ,
Left Side: Para wings, ATGM qualified, Balidaan badge, NSG badge, 25+ Jumps indicator
 Right SideCombat Diver badge, COAS, VCOAS, GOC CIC commendations & commanded SFF, RR & AR.

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