1.Candidates are not able to clear the interview properly.

2.Candidates fail in interview due to lack of knowledge or Confidence.

3.Motive of SSB is to find The Best Candidate.

4.SSB selects candidates who have officer-like qualities, and have passion, The candidate who has the passion to do something for the country.

5.Wherever the SSB member feels that this candidate does not belong to their requirements, they do not have all the quality, then they screened out the candidate.

6.The board is looking for a candidate who has a lot of knowledge , confidence and officer like qualities.

7.Many times, candidates can clear the written exam but there is a lack of confidence that’s why they cannot clear the personal interview.

8.To pass all the interviews, you have to be the best in everything.

Very often, candidates remain in the interview because of These reasons.

You do not have to lose courage, you have to be confident.Study as much as possible, work on your fitness, build your confidence.

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