As you all know Bollywood Actor Sushant Singh Rajput committed suicide by hanging himself in his house on 14 June 2020.

Since Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide, there has been a lot of disappointment in the country.

Sushant's fans are very sad and very angry about the nepotism going on in Bollywood.

Sushant Singh's fans want justice for Sushant's suicide.

Sushant took this step because of the big name people of Bollywood, they should be punished hard.

Many big actors, including director Karan Johar and Bollywood actor Salman Khan, came to light in forcing Sushant Singh Rajput to commit suicide.

They have been accused that they spoiled Sushant's Bollywood career, he was removed from Sushant's signed film, due to which Sushant was very upset and took such a big step.

Karan Johar and Salman Khan's effigies were burnt in Patna in Bihar on Friday and fans expressed their anger.

Sushant's fans want Salman Khan and director Karan Johar to be banned from films,
And they get punished for forcing Sushant to suicide.

Due to all this, debate started between Salman Khan's fans and Sushant Singh's fans.

Salman Khan took a tweet on his Twitter account and appealed to his fans not to fall in this debate and support Sushant's fans and not support Sushant's family.


A request to all my fans to stand with sushant's fans n not to go by the language n the curses used but to go with the emotion behind it. Pls support n stand by his family n fans as the loss of a loved one is extremely painful.

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