The candidate has to be pass first paratrooper .

Paratrooper selection lasts for 3 months,it's called probation Period.

Those candidates who clear the probation period are then sent to the para Special Force.
After probation period probationary period will start.

Its selection happens twice a year.

Duration of probationry period is 6 months.

Selection of para SF is one of the most toughest selection in the world.

In this selection, the candidate has to face mentally and physically torture.

Only 10% volunteer Are able to complete this selection.

When the candidates complete this difficult selection of 180 days.

After SF selection,Candidates are sent for the Balidan Badge process.
In which cadets for 1 year ,In which candidates are included for active operation in the operational zone.

Those cadets who survive in active operation are sent for BALIDAN BADGE.

The cadets are then included in the Resident of the para Special Force.

Initial training of para commando is 3.5 years.

In which cadets are given both basic and advanced training.

Para SF Are Experts in Free or fall.

It takes 50 jumps during training, which is 33,500 ft from height.

Training of combat diving occurs in
Naval diving school Kochi.

Para commandos are deadliest soldiers, who Have the ability to change any war.

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