The basic selection of GARUD commandos is through two processes. The process is on the bases of commission. For non- commissioned vacancies, airmen selection process and for commissioned post, ground duty trainees of GDOC.

Non-Commissioned Posts: The selection for GARUD is finished directly and not from volunteers, through Airmen Section Centres. Recruitment is initiated by the discharge of notification/ advertisement. Most interestingly, there's no second chance for section. Means it’s now or never. And after selection, you have got to form grade during your training schedule. And if you fail, you're out. After the completion of coaching, the trainees are merged into the force. After joining the force, one keeps during this stream till he serves in Indian Air force. 

Commissioned Posts : Commissioned post for GARUD units are filled by the cadets of ground duty at Air force Academy, Dundigal. And for GDOC, you have got AFCAT exam. After getting trained, they get into the GARUD unit.

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