A Bollywood Singer Sonu Nigam recently post a video on his Instagram page,In which he said about the things happening in the country.

Sonu Nigam expresses sadness over the Martyr of our Soldiers.

He also expressed grief on the death of Sushant Rajput.

Sonu Nigam talks about the mafia of Music Industry,Which running the world of music with its strong pressure and torturing young Artists.

He said on his Music industry experience,Where a lot of nepotism goes.

He said that Big Music Industries gives a lot of pressure to the artists working in his place.

He told the Bollywood industry and Music Industry not to pressurizing  artists and demotivate, Let the artist recognize their talent and give them a chance to grow up.

He points out that there are a pair of music companies who misuse their power and cause a lot of trouble for singers, musicians, and songwriters.

He said stop all this, otherwise today an actor has committed suicide, If this keeps going, then Singers, Musicians and Songwriters Can also Commit Suicide.

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