After the death of actor Sushant Singh, Sushant's fans are very upset From Sushant's Suicide.

Sushant Singh's fans are Angry And Upset ,They want justice for sushant.

They wants many Bollywood Actors including director Karan Johar, actor Salman Khan Punished for forcing actor Sushant to commit suicide.

The leaders of the Jan Adhikar Student's Council burned Dummies of director Karan Johar and actor Salman Khan at Kargil Chowk in Patna Bihar and expressed  displeasure.

Sushant's fans said that Bollywood actor directors did not liked that how the outsider actor is becoming famous. They wants only Star Kids to Become Famous and do movies.

Due to this, They removed Sushant from films even after signing films.

Due to nepotism, they spoiled Sushant's career and forced him to Suicide.

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