There are so many facts about Indian Army.

Being an Indian we should know about the most prestigious, disciplined and brave INDIAN ARMY.

1. Indian army has the biggest ‘voluntary’ military force in the world.

2. Indian army controls the highest battlefield in the whole world, the Siachen Glacier. It is located 5000 m above the sea level.

3. Agni and Prithvi both are Nuclear capable basaltic and are most accurate in the world in their respective categories. Prithvi will always hit within the 50m of target coordinates and is devastating with even smaller payloads.

4. Operation, Rahat carried out by Indian army to evacuate those affected by massive flood in Uttarakhand was one of the biggest civilian rescue operation ever carried out in the world.

5. The Indian army’s High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) is considered as one of most elite training centers in the world.
Special ops team from US, UK and Russia often visit it for training purposes.

6. Indian army helped evacuation of nationals from more than 41 countries, from the Yemen war zone.
India helped in evacuation of 4640 Indian nationals and nearly 960 foreign citizens, including citizens from America, Russia, and China.

7. Indian army has an outstation base in Tajakistan, Indian army has 9 elite special forces from the stringent Marcos to the parachute clades Para commandos, that help to protect our country from terrorists and insurgent attacks.

8. In Indo-Pak war of 1971, 93000 combatants and officials of Pakistan army surrendered in front of Indian army. This is the highest number of POWs taken into custody after World War II.

9. The entire of the world’s 3rd largest military containment have opted for the services on The voluntary basis.

10.India is ranked 4th in the list of global fire power, next only to USA, Russia and China.



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