It Is A New Life, Not Only For You But For Your Parents Also.

1. You would have never seen cantonment but after joining your life is somewhat confined in cantonments.

2. You never knew what is inside those huge gates guarded by soldiers with weapons. But now you know.

3. You never thought that there could be something so respectful to do in this country.

4. All of a sudden there is a huge change in lifestyle.

5. You learn to get organised. Disciplined and start waking up before sun-rise as this never happened when you were a civilian.

6. People start respecting your family for being tough to send you for fighting for the country, knowing the danger to your life.

7. You now begin to understand the charm of uniform(not to show-off) but in a respectful manner, it makes you feel proud.

8. There are two types of people in your life –

a. Army (Defence).

b. Civilians( you were once this).

9. Earlier you never visited any other city but now you are travelling across the country. #postings.

10. You start valuing time, because you know what it means to not to be punctual.

11. You tell others, why they must join.

12. It’s like the best decision ever madein life.


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