(a). SSB is not what you believe it is by getting exposed to all those rumours out there. Any specific SSB board is not ‘Rejection Board’ and another one the ‘Selection Board’ .

(b). SSB is not like any other job interview where you try to impress the assessors. SSB is all about how well you can portray your personality in front of them. Leave the work of finding OLQs into the hands of the assessors. They are trained for that only.

(c). Most of the aspirants after getting exposed to the material available on the Internet without checking the legitimacy of it fall for the trap that they should showcase their OLQs even If they don’t have them in it. This leads you to small bluffs and white lies. So let me make you no bones about it. The assessors are master at catching you even by the skin of your teeth and so no matter how hard a shield you try to put upon your personality they will surely blow it off.

(d). Don’t worry about the mechanism by which the assessors work in the SSB. Do focus on how you can work better and showcase your personality.

(e). Make sure you do hell lot of introspection. Introspection is the key because it not only helps you soothe your mind and soul and touch tranquility but it also helps you getting to know you better. Next time when you have an urge to talk to someone,talk to yourself. Trust me it can do wonders.

(f). Know what you are going for. If you are going for SSB it means you want to join the armed forces lastly. So you must have a sound knowledge of the Indian Armed forces. Channels like Defence Squad and SSB Sure Shot Academy and SSB crack will certainly help you.


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