1.Don’t study your feet. anticipate. If on the road at the horizon, if on the paths some metres / yards before of you

2.If you’re getting out of breath you’re doing it wrong. Slow down. Unless, of course, you’re doing intervals.

3.Always wait 4 hours between a (substantial) meal and a run. Unless you prefer “doing it” within the open 😉

4.Don’t wear headphones outdoors. Music is good and motivating, being hit by a truck isn’t.

5.Pay good attention to your gut. Know the foods that cause you to poo and plan accordingly.

6.Running by feel > Running by the numbers, but still check your numbers.

7.Do not forget the subsequent. Pre run- warm up including dynamic stretching and post run settle down including static stretching.

8.Legs up the wall after hard runs may be a glorious post workout recovery bit.

9.Proper rest and rest days generally. It’s silly to urge a 5k run in precisely to take care of a streak when your legs are dead, and you’re beginning to feel pain. (not discomfort but sharp pain)

10.Pay attention to your pee. If it’s too light you’re overhydrating, if it’s darker than lemonade you’re underhydrating. Both are bad and both will take their toll.

& Most Important, Discipline > Motivation. Maybe from time to time you’ll must motivate yourself on a rough day, but once you make running (or the other exercise) a disciplined habit it’ll take you extra.

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