The Indian Army has begun a direction and acquaintance program for ladies who want to join security powers in Reasi locale of Jammu and Kashmir. These ladies are being prepared in scholastics, physical wellness, and treatment of weapons. 

The preparation program targets engaging ladies of south of Pir Panjal Ranges at Mahore Subdivision of Reasi District. 

With this, young ladies of the region have understood their actual potential and need to add to country building.

The Indian Army is likewise running different Women Empowerment Nodes (WEN) to empower, teach and engage ladies for business and different occupations, both common and government. One such movement is preparing of the ladies for enlistment into the Indian Army, Police and BSF. 

Addressing , Mamtaz Kouser from Gulab Garh stated, "This is generally excellent activity and we are exceptionally grateful to Indian Army which is instructing us. Prior we were not permitted to go out however because of Indian Army our folks are supporting us and we are advancing." 

During this preparation, which is being led with full COVID-19 conventions in actuality, the young ladies are made mindful of terms and states of administration.

We are being prepared in taking care of weapons and are being given physical preparing. Young ladies are originating from distant to take this preparation. Motivated by the officers in the valley, our folks are sending us here to the instructional hubs," Gulnaz Akhter told . 

A female J-K Police constable said that young ladies are figuring out how to deal with weapons just because and they are being granted each minuscule information about the scholastics and weapons. 

Kashmiri young ladies are taking preparing in taking care of weapons for the first and are being granted each information about the scholastics and weapons. I might want to thank our Indian Army for preparing our young ladies along these lines. They are being given each office and they are additionally being educated about the opening and system of filling the structure for the equivalent," J-K Police constable told .

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