1. Amidst the Corona pandemic, 130 crore Indians have vowed to construct an Aatmanirbhar Bharat. I am certain that India will understand this fantasy. I am certain of the capacities, certainty and capability of my kindred Indians. When we choose to accomplish something, we don't rest till we accomplish that objective. 

2. India has consistently accepted that the whole world is one family. While we center around financial development and advancement, humankind must hold a focal job in this procedure and our excursion. 

3. How long will we see crude material getting sent out and being imported as completed item returning to our nation? The attitude of free India ought to be 'vocal for neighborhood'. We ought to value our neighborhood items, in the event that we don't do this, at that point our items won't get the chance to improve and won't get supported.

4. I am sure that estimates like opening up the SPACE segment, will produce numerous new business open doors for our childhood and give further roads to sharpen their abilities and potential. 

5. Confident India implies lessening imports, yet in addition expanding our aptitudes, our imagination. 

6. A major crusade is going to begin in the nation from today. This is the National Digital Health Mission. National Digital Health Mission will get another transformation India's wellbeing area. All Your tests, each infection, which specialist gave you which medication, when, what were your reports, this data will be contained in this one wellbeing ID. 

7. Today, not one, not two but rather three immunizations of Corona are as of now in testing stage in India. When the green sign is gotten from the researchers, the nation's planning is likewise prepared for large scale manufacturing of those Vaccines.

8. Today, numerous huge organizations of the world are going to India. We need to push ahead with the mantra of 'Make in India' just as 'Make for World'. 

9. Regard for India's power is preeminent for us. What our fearless warriors can accomplish for this goal, what the nation can do, the world has seen in Ladakh. 

10. There is a need to provide another guidance to the general foundation improvement of the nation to move India towards innovation at a quick pace. This need will be met with the National Infrastructure Pipeline Project. The nation is moving towards spending in excess of 100 lakh crore rupees on this. Around 7 thousand tasks of various areas have additionally been recognized. It would resemble another upset in foundation.

11. The battle of 'Vocal for Local', 'Re-Skill' and 'Up-Skill' will impart a confident economy in the way of life of those living underneath the neediness line. 

12. Experts coming out of India's working class positively influence the entire world not just in India. The working class needs opportunity, the white collar class needs opportunity from government impedance. 

13. Training of the nation is vital in building confident India, in building current India, in building new India, in building prosperous and prosperous India. With this reasoning, the nation has another national instruction strategy.

14. Our experience says that at whatever point there is open door for ladies power in India, they have carried shrubs to the nation, reinforced the nation. 

15. Similarly as Sikkim has made its imprint as a natural state, in the coming days, Ladakh, as a carbon nonpartisan zone, is additionally working quick toward this path. 

16. An extraordinary battle is additionally in progress with a comprehensive way to deal with decrease contamination in 100 chose urban areas of the nation.

17. National Cadet Corps will select 1 lakh cadets from coastal and border areas, one-third will be female cadets.

18. Ram Mandir issue was resolved peacefully, citizen's commitment towards peace during the process was remarkable.

19. In this decade of the 21st century, India will now have to move forward with new policy and new customs. Now simple and ordinary will not work. Our policies, our processes, our products, everything should be best, should be the best.

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