A retired General was once asked the difference between Heaven and Hell.

He smirked, and replied “Heaven is a place where the Posting is like Navy, Work culture is like Air Force and the arrangement is like Army.”


“Hell is a place where Posting is like Army, Work Culture is like Navy and the arrangement is like Air Force.”

This is a very common story, it also highlights the work culture of the Navy as toughest of all three forces.

Why you ask? Well lets dive into it.

Firstly let’s get this out of the way.


One of the most professional Special Ops unit in the world and the undisputed most covert Special Force in India.

MARCOS has one of the most brutal selection procedure in the special operations community.

The pre-training procedure, which includes a three-day physical fitness and aptitude test, sees almost 80% applicants being screened out. And it gets worse. A five-week-long ‘hell’s week’ follows this, which includes sleep deprivation and intense physical training. Those that make it through, or don’t quit on their own, actually proceed to the actual training.

MARCOS operatives are also the most Qualified in comparison to their Army and Air Force counterparts.

The few who clear the selection then start undergoing the grilling course which includes basic training at INS Abhimanyu in Mumbai. The trainees then train in para jumps at the Paratrooper Training School in Agra and a diving course at Navy’s Diving School in Kochi.

They are also trained in High Altitude Commando Course at the Parvat Ghatak School in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh, Desert Warfare School in Rajasthan, High Altitude Warfare School (HAWS) in Gulmarg and Counter Insurgency and Jungle Warfare School (CIJWS) in Mizoram.

All MARCOS are static line para jump qualified and some are qualified for free-fall (HALO/HAHO) para jumps – High Altitude Low Opening and High Altitude High Opening.

In fact, MARCOS are the handful of the special forces from around the world that are capable of being para dropped into the sea with the full combat load.

I’m pretty sure even the good old Army PARA SF boys aren’t qualified for this.

Well all this training does not go unaccounted for.

In the recent Navy exchange program MARCOS topped the US Navy SEAL BUD/S course at Coronado, California with ease.

In addition to this MARCOS is the only special force in the world which sports the famous Navy SEAL Trident.

MARCOS operatives who successfully complete the Navy SEAL BUD/S at Colorado, USA are authorized to wear the Trident.

MARCOS have a distinct DIGI-CAM Tan shade uniform which highlights it from the other units.

I’m pretty sure most of you didn’t know about this. Even I was surprised to find this out when I first came across it.

Only after the grueling selection and training one earns this uniform along with the-

Maroon Beret.


Just the fact that such a Professional Special Ops unit exists and we don’t hear about them at all, proves the covert nature of this force.

They are truly The Invisible Force.

As most of their operations are classified we rarely hear or will ever hear about their bravery and professionalism.

But despite that Navy routinely keeps us posted about some of their regular raids.

Like the recent raid on the Somali Pirates.

MARCOS regularly trains with Special Ops units of other countries like the aforementioned example of US Navy SEALS.

MARCOS with Russian Naval Infantry.


MARCOS training African navy personnel.

When in public MARCOS use a pseudonym instead of their real names.

Jerry Felix Anthony? That’s definitely a real Indian name.


This just shows the professional nature in which the Navy Operates.

MARCOS is well regarded and feared around the globe specially by the enemies.

The enemies of the state are very afraid of them. Just word MARCOS is enough to incite fear and for them to know that they are doomed.

MARCOS operatives are often referred to as Daadi Wala Fauji (Bearded Military man) because of their ability to blend in the population and work covertly.

Terrorist never see them coming.

From the brutal selection procedure to the extensive operational experience MARCOS have ingrained itself as one of the best in the world.

And truly The Best and the Most Covert special operations unit in India.


The few the fearless.


Imagine working on the flight deck in the middle of the Indian ocean, between the sweltering heat and humidity of the ocean, and the jet wash on the flight deck you are in 180 degree heat.

You work easily a 16 hour day in flight ops, and you are carrying 6 chains that each weigh 6 pounds, and 2 chocks each at like 10 pounds. All while swimming in hydraulic fluid a, jet fuel, and oil. Non skid on the flight deck can take all of your skin off to the bone, when you get knocked down by a turning bird.

The flight deck is one of the most varied, dynamic work places in existence. You can go from silent, calm serenity, with sun shining, seagulls swooping, and people practicing yoga (seriously), to deafening, heaving fury, with driving rain, fire belching airplanes, and hunkered figures scrambling against the onslaught.

You have four and a half acres of steel covered in a hardened, spiky coating of non-skid. Most falls are going to hurt, but some can rend the flesh from your bones. In some areas, use has worn it to the metal. By the end of cruise, there are several high-travel areas where the jets slide across at the whims of the rolling deck. It's like a little ride where no one knows how it's going to end.

The noise can be so extreme that it seems like a profound silence, except that it rumbles your bones and jellies your intestines. Because of this, most communicate by hand signal.

Now imagine it at night.

The sickly yellow sodium-vapor lights cast the deck in an other-worldly pall. They do a fair job of lighting the main deck area, with reflections and multiple lights reducing the depths of the shadows.

But by the time you reach the bow, 600' away, you're cast into a Neptunian gloom. The distant glow is a mere hint of life, with neither warmth nor illumination. At these distances, the yellow-shirts' glowing wands are almost disembodied, moving in a ghostly rhythm with only the tinge of corporeal support. The planes follow them like moths.

Still aren’t convinced if the Navy has the hardest job?

Don’t worry I got more for you.


The most skilled and risk taking breed in the Navy. These guys are responsible for flying hunks of metal over the water.

Sounds cool right? But that’s not the coolest part.

These guys are also responsible for landing their Million Dollar Planes on a moving strip of tarmac which is generally 1/3 size of a Air Force runway which appears no bigger than a matchbox from up there.

Sounds like Air Force guys have it easy. Right?

Surely not a job for the faint of heart.

The immense skill required to land a plane on a Aircraft Carrier sets these guys apart from other pilots.

Their favorite toy?

MiG 29-K

Aviation doesn’t get cooler than this.


The heart and soul of the Navy. The oldest and the most Important Arm of any Navy.

No Navy can exist without a Surface Arm.

These guys get deployed for the longest and have most hours at Sea.

When ship is underway each sailor has a designated responsibility and is expected to do that without fail.

A person can be working in all types of departments while the ship is underway from Navigating on the Bridge to Firing missiles from the CIC.

You could be refueling in a bad storm.

Or you could be putting out fires.

The opportunities in the surface arm are endless.

These guys travel the world but are also the first ones to be called during any conflict or natural disaster.

Surface Combatants are the big guns of the Navy.

They operate the most sophisticated weapon systems and have a huge arsenal for devastating any enemy.

Life at sea is tough and full of challenges. But in the end you can not be more satisfied with the Navy way of life.

What happened? Can’t see anything?

Ha. Then you are looking in the right direction.

You are looking at the stealthiest wing in the entire country. You probably wouldn't see these guys even if you were in from of them.

If you still can’t figure out what I am talking about lets see these guys when they decide to show themselves.

Pretty cool right?

The Navy’s Sub-Surface Arm or the Submarine Arm is an all volunteer Arm.

The are truly an elite force. Operating under the ocean for months at a time gathering intelligence and striking out of nowhere.

You can not see them.

You can not find them.

If you are against them just pray to god that they don't find you. Because if they do, You are as good as dead.

The Submarine Arm is definitely the most mentally challenging Arm and this Arm is enough to prove that they have the toughest job compared to anyone in the entire nation.

Imagine living and working in a metal tube for months at a time with zero sunlight, Zero communication with the outside world.

Sounds tough right?

Add very small compartments and working areas, Limited food and water, Less than four hours of sleep, Staring at a screen gathering information, Staying alert Twenty-Four hours a day and Zero personal space to it and you guys have a submariner’s life.

Submariners have the most harsh working environment. Nobody even comes close to it. But Submariners also work on the most sophisticated and classified systems on the whole planet.

This routine is surly not for everyone. The mental strength required to operate in conditions like this is enormous. Submariners are a special breed and truly an elite arm on its own.

Due to the stealthy nature of this Arm they are almost immune to first strike of any kind Conventional or Nuclear which makes it the most survivable and the most lethal nuclear platform.

They can fire nukes from the depth of the ocean and remain perfectly hidden.

Trust me if they ever use their weapons, People on the other end are not going to have a good time.

So in all Indian Navy is truly a very professional force with the harshest working environments.

Navy operates in all spheres of warfare-





Navy is everywhere from high skies to the bottom of the ocean.

The Navy has it all.

For those of you who are planning to join the defence forces. I have one quote for you.

You can either join the Navy or you can be a Landlubber for the rest of your life.

You decide
And for some unknown reason if you still aren’t convinced then I’ll let these five stare at you and your weird sense of judgement.

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