As a Pakistani, do you sincerely believe that the Pakistani army will be able to withstand India's Sikh Regiment in case of an all-out war?
I will answer this question through a story.

During 1965 war, Pakistan said that 10 Hindu Soldiers is equal to 1 Muslim Soldier because for them in India only Hindus are there. During that time they used to think Hindus are only there in India and they are short and black and their army people are tall and handsome. They said that our Muslim Soldiers will go and bash the Indian soldiers.

So when Pakistani soldiers started entering into our border they faced Sikh regiment and then Jat regiment. And the result we all know, they had to return back into their territory.

Sikh Regiment is the most decorated regiment of Indian Army.

Don't dare to question capability of Sikh Regiment.

Edit: To those who are saying you misinterpreted the question. I know question is about ability of Pak Army to withstand Sikh regiment. My intention of writing was to remind them that they can't win a war against us.

Secondly, Indian Army is itself a religion. It's very sad to see people commenting and making it a religious answer. You know what there is a thing in Indian Army called “MMG” i.e Mandir,Masjid and Gurudwara. This answer was about Sikh regiment so I mentioned them.Every army men working for his nation is an “INDIAN”.

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