Major Mohit Sharma AKA Iftikhar Bhatt, who was also known as Major Mike among his team. He is remembered as one of the deadliest hunters of the Kashmir valley.

So, here are some of the unseen photos of Major Sharma as Iftikhar Bhatt.

Major Mohit Sharma the way is he!

The below one is my personal favourite! This shows how badass he was.

The below picture is the DP of Major Mohit Sharma’s mother as per Rahul Singh, who is one of the authors of the book India’s Most Fearless 2.

And unfortunately the last rites of Major Mohit Sharma,

For those who don’t know about this daredevil officer, Please go through this answer to know how badass was Major Mike.

Killed, maybe. But never caught!

Major Mohit Sharma Amar rahe!

Thank you

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