Almost all of you know about the 2016 Surgical strike, done after the URI attack, which was carried out by the Para Special force Commandos by entering the POK. But do you know that this was not the first surgical strike of Para SF Commandos. In fact in the India-Pakistan war of 1972, Para commandos have carried out such surgical strike. In which the raiding team of Para Commandos entered the territory of Pakistan and destroyed the Pakistan’s artillery location. It is also considered as the first surgical strike by Para Commandos entering inside Pakistan.The force that gave the first surgical strike was none other than the Para Special force’s 9 Para Battalion.

9 Para Special forces
There are people. Then there are the best. Then comes the best of the best. While being a Para commando is one thing that many soldiers dream of and some eventually become a part of it. there are 9 Para SF on the other side, the nucleus, the heart of the Parachute Regiment. 9 Para, the Special Forces, is the first Special Forces battalion of Indian Armed Forces who had established its name by unlimited heroic deeds which seem impossible to Indian Military before.

Why Called Ghost Operators
9 Para SF is also called as Ghost Operators of Indian Army due to it being highly secretive. Evaluating its secrecy, 9 Para SF can be thought of as a fully functioning independent organization. They operated the most lethal weapons and at the same time has his own army to take care of cyber security, encryption, decryption and so on. 9 Para SF are specially trained in unconventional warfare and are as good as MARCOS and were also meant for secret operations deep within foreign soil, go to depths of 7 to 50 km inside (hostile territory).
They have hands on state of the art surveillance equipments, they have mastered their skills in encryptology and decryptology. They have formed a security bubble which is backed with most dangerous and covert special force unit of India with unmatchable tech support. They created a wide and rigid web of networks of digital as well as humans sources to get the pin point accurate intelligence.

It is another thing that matter, 9 Para SF is being used to do tasks which better-trained line infantry or para battalions can do. 9 Para SF has stories to share but their silent instinct has made them the so-called silent killers of today.
Why 9 Para SF is Special ?

Para commandos are deadly. No one knows what they do, and who they are. But they can kill humans with their bare hands.
Among all the elite forces in the world, para commandos have earned the reputation of being the toughest. Granted, Americans and Israelis have better weapons and equipment, but when it comes to patience and heroism, para commandos are unmatched.
Deeds which seems impossible to Indian Military before and tactics used which violate every traditional and conventional form of combat in the armed forces. No one had ever seen such type of performance by any unit of Indian Army.
9 Para SF, the whole battalion work as an independent organization. if we evaluate their operations and toys they have hands on, they can get anything they want in their Operation. From counter terrorist to counter infiltration, they work as India’s premier response to any hostile activity sponsored by so-called neighbors.
9 Para SF which has seen action as a commando battalion has many stories to tell you from the very first day of its formation. They start fighting the enemies of India, but they remain silent and their silence adds more teeth to their armory, the ones who are said to be the ghost handlers of the Indian Army. This is why Operatives and most Operations require secrecy because they have work that others may find impossible and when you ask about it they will just smile and say “Who else will do it ?” Jai hind.

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